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My Approach

I specialize in Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) which means that I generally see clients for an initial 4-8 sessions. 




I'm happy to see clients for longer, but my goal is to reduce the frequency of sessions as quickly as possible. I never want counseling to become a "crutch" in a client's life. 


I'm also a big believer in the benefits of positive psychology. Traditional psychology tends to focus on what's wrong in your life. Positive psychology focuses on building up the strengths in your life.


I'm definitely more of a "fixer" than a "talker" when it comes to counseling, and this style seems to work best with guys. Almost all my clients are teenage boys and adult men, but I do a limited amount of couples counseling. The video clip below helps illustrate the "fixing versus talking" point in a humorous way. 

Below is a link to an article from the New York Times. It does a great job of explaining my overall approach to therapy.




In order for therapy to be truly successful, you will have to work on assignments in between our sessions. I expect my clients to be fully engaged in the therapeutic process. If you think you'll have trouble opening up and talking, don't worry. I can always find questions to keep the discussion moving along. 

I will often talk to clients about the benefits of regular exercise. Research has shown that exercise is important to mental as well as physical health. I'm happy to work with established clients who want to schedule counseling sessions in an outdoor setting rather than my office.

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